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About the Energy Watch Program

What is the Energy Watch Program?

The Energy Watch Program is a public service program offered by PG&E to educate customers on how to lower their energy use. Contractors will come to the business, municipal, or non-profit building and conduct an energy assessment and provide the customer with a list of the available energy efficient measures (items that use less electricity) that may be installed at no cost. Upon the signed and completed Access and Participation Agreement, the measures will be installed at a convenient time for the customer.

What does the Energy Watch Program do?

Professional installation specialists may install energy efficient measures ranging from hard-wired fluorescent lighting, compact fluorescent light bulbs, Light Emitting Diode (LED) exit signs and linear fluorescent lamps. The installed measures depend on the needs of building.


Who can participate in Energy Watch?

Energy Watch is available to eligible PG&E customers on a first-come, first-served basis until the program deadline or until program funds are spent, whichever comes first. Eligible customers include: 

  • Small and medium sized businesses
  • City owned municipal buildings
  • Non-profit organizations

What you can expect from Energy Watch?

  • Courteous and professional assistance
  • Energy survey of your office building
  • No cost installation of energy efficient retrofits (light fixtures, replacement of incandescent lights with CFL lights, and replacement of exit signs)
  • Education and training on what you can do to make your business more energy efficient
  • An energy efficient office building
  • Referrals to other Energy Efficiency (EE) Programs offered by PG&E


For Small Business

Small businesses within each city or county of the specific Energy Watch Program will be contacted by Energy Advisors to conduct an energy assessment. The assessment visit will identify energy saving opportunities, and energy efficient measures will be offered for no-cost installation. Professional installation specialists will install the measures at no cost to the business.

Municipal and Nonprofit Energy Assessments

In addition to small businesses, the cities within PG&E service territory, can receive help to reduce their energy use and costs by upgrading to new energy efficient measures. Energy efficiency experts will provide a no-cost energy assessment to identify opportunities for improvements. Funds may be available to offset equipment costs and installation of energy saving equipment.


Who to Contact

Please call the Energy Watch Program at 1-866-388-8820 to see if your  business, city government or nonprofit building is eligible to participate.

When you call we will:

  • Ask for your contact information
  • Schedule an auditor to visit your business for an assessment at a convenient time for you
  • During the assessment, RHA will determine what retrofits your  business will receive
  • Schedule an appointment for the installation of the energy efficient measures
  • Finally, RHA will conduct the installation of measures


Please see attached document for warranty information.